hi i’m henry, i’m a creative web developer based in new york city denver, colorado.

welcome to my website. i don’t have a very good reason for making this site other than that i thought it would be fun :)

’twere i to pontificate a bit — and if you know me, you know i usually ’twere — i’ve been thinking a lot lately about digital legacy, the sorts of things that ought to be online, where they ought to live, etc.

much of my writing, good or not (mostly not), lives on twitter, which feels very centralized and temporal. in creating this site (as well as stillness.digital), i hope to achieve two goals; giving the stupid shit i write a more permanent home, and putting more weird code online.


1 this site is built with Eleventy and Sass, and uses no Javascript.

2 if you like this style of website, check out jordan’s css framework for making more websites like this. i didn’t use it here, but gosh i sure wish i had discovered it a little earlier in the process lol.

3 the primary font on this website is redaction.

4 i appreciate you reading all of this, so i wanted to tell u that most of the other folks that come to this website think you’re cute (but they’re too shy to tell you!). have a great day on the Internet.